Carp Fishing Charter

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Good conduct charter for daytime and night-time Carp fishing: the foundation of responsible and sustainable fishing


  • I will respect night-time fishing areas;
  • The number of shelters on the same site must not exceed the number of anglers;
  • My campsite is reasonably sized, with a neutral-coloured bivvy;
  • It is recommended to indicate your fishing post by putting up a light at night;
  • I will not set up my campsite on trails or boat launches;
  • Fires are prohibited.


  • The bait used must be reasonable and the rigging must be adapted to the fishing site. Distances between fishing sites must respect other anglers as well as other users,
  • Anglers will not leave unattended rods actively fishing,
  • Night-time fishing will be practised using only plant bait and only from the banks.

Respect for nature and other users

  • Respect the fish by using an unhooking mat. When the fish is out of the water, be sure to keep it wet and return it to the water as soon as possible. Marking or mutilation of fish is not allowed;
  • The bank and fishing station must be left clean when the angler leaves. All rubbish needs to be removed by the angler;
  • If the fishing area is not equipped with a toilet, a shovel is indispensable for burying your personal needs;
  • Day and night, take care to preserve the peace and quiet of the premises by not producing excessive noise. Be courteous, respectful and understanding towards other anglers and users;
  • The transport and keeping of Carp are subject to special provisions as governed by laws in force. As such, keeping and transporting live Carp more than 60 cm long is strictly prohibited. Additionally, the immediate release of Carp caught at night is obligatory. Any other fish caught accidentally at night must also be returned immediately to the water.
  • All fish must be released at night. The keeping of fish of all species is prohibited at night (even if these fish are caught during the day).

Respecting these rules of good conduct and general regulations by all ensures tomorrow’s fishing!

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