Extract from the regulations

The Saône-et-Loire Fishing Federation brings together and unites 70 Fishing Associations or A.A.P.P.M.As (Accredited Associations for Fishing and Protection of the Aquatic Environment).

To facilitate the practice of fishing, the Federation and its Associations make sure that they hold as many fishing rights as possible in Public and Private Domain waterways, so that members of the Accredited Fishing Associations can practise their hobby in as many places as possible.


Anyone who practises fishing must hold a fishing licence, in accordance with Article L.436-1 of the Code of the Environment (CE). By buying a fishing licence, the fisher becomes a member of an Accredited Association for Fishing and Protection of the Aquatic Environment (AAPPMA).


Fishing is prohibited earlier than half-an-hour before sunrise, and later than half-an-hour after sunset, whatever fishing method is used.

Night fishing for carp is prohibited outside of specific fishing areas.

Night fishing for catfish is also prohibited.


Fish belonging to the species stated below must be put back into the water immediately after being caught if they are shorter than:

  • Aufnahmefenster 60-80 cm for pike (1 fish kept per day per angler max.)
  • 50 cm for pike perch (zander) (3 fish kept per day per angler max.)
  • 40 cm for black bass (1 fish kept per day per angler max.)
  • 23 cm for trouts (brown and rainbow) and brook trout
  • 30 cm for common grayling

For pike, pike perch and black bass, maximum of 3 fish kept per day per angler
For trouts and grayling, maximum of 6 fish (total) and 3 brown kept per day per angler

How do I measure the fish I’ve caught?

A fish’s length is measured from the tip of the snout to the end of the tail, with the tail stretched out


Article R 436-23 (CE): In waters in the 1st category, the following may be used: a line attached to a rod with two hooks maximum, a single line or a maximum of 6 hand nets per fisher are permitted.

In 2nd category waters in the Public and Private Domain, the following may be used: lines attached to a rod with two hooks maximum, with a maximum of 4 lines per fisher placed near to the fisher; a crayfish net with a maximum of six hand nets per fisher; and a flask or bottle for catching minnows and other fish used for bait, with a capacity not exceeding two litres in waters in the 2nd category.

In 2nd category waters in the private domain, the following may also be used: a 2 metre fishing net with a minimum mesh size of 35 mm, and a ground-line with a maximum of 3 ground-lines fitted with a maximum of 6 hooks each, which may not be baited with live bait or dead fish.


The following methods of catching fish are prohibited:

  • Fishing by hand or under ice and using trolling lines (Article R 436-32) (CE);
  • Beating the water surface to bring fish together to make it easier to catch them (Article R 436-31) (CE);
  • Using maggots and other dipterous larvae in 1st category waters;
  • Baiting hooks with fish species with a minimum catch size (pike, black bass, pike perch, brown trout etc.) and protected species (Planer’s lamprey, Amur bitterling, dace …).
  • Baiting hooks with dangerous fish species (catfish, pumpkinseed fish, American crayfish);

During the specific period when pike fishing is prohibited, live bait fishing, fishing with dead or artificial fish, and fishing with spinners and other lures is forbidden in 2nd category waters.

Lures refers to accessories which, by virtue of their shape, are comparable to live bait, dead fish, and artificial fish, for example streamers, spinners etc.